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As a freelancer for The Boca Raton Observer "Beauty" page, each month I collaborate with my Editor to come up with a theme and then collect six on-theme beauty products and write accompanying editorial to share with readers.

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Monkey Tongue Magazine

Pure Honey

Harvard Magazine

Harvardwood Highlights

The Harvard Crimson

The Garden Isle

The Boca Raton Observer

ROVA Magazine

"Pretty & Plant-Based"

January 2022

"Glitz and Glam"

December 2021

The Best Botanical Beauty Products

Steal The Show With Sparkly Eyes

"Holistic Healing"

November 2021

Using Gemstones To Balance Mind, Body And Spirit

"Foodie Face Masks"

October 2021

Nourish Your Skin With Nature's Best Ingredients

"Say Farewell To Frizz"

August 2021

Your Guide To Healthy Summer Hair

"Summer Without The Sunburn"

June/July 2021

Protect Yourself From Harmful UVs With These Stylish Summer Finds

"Made For Men By Men"

May 2021

Who Says Men Can't Have Beauty Products, Too?

"Plenty of Palettes

April 2021

Add a Pop of Color to Your Spring Makeup Look

"Nailed It"

March 2021

DIY Products For a Perfectly Polished Look

"Tiny Travel Treasures"

February 2021

Small Beauty Products That Pack a Big Punch

"Serenity, Now"

January 2021

Essentials For the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

"Read My (Red) Lips

December 2020

Holiday Hues For Perfect Pouts

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