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"Dead Poet Society Concert Review"

The thing about Dead Poet Society is that for every addicting riff and chorus there’s equal attention and weight given to the lyrics and meaning to the songs they’ve released. There’s ".loveyoulikethat.," a song that pierces anyone who has experienced the excruciating devastation of love that, for whatever reason, just doesn’t work. Lead singer Jack Underkofler sings: Baby I swear I tried / There’s nothing more that I’d like / Than to be yours for life / But there’s something inside screamin’ this is not right.


As far as on-stage presence goes, bassist Nick Taylor carries the show with old-school rock energy. His electric movement on stage gives forward the idea that there would be no music without movement: from the opening of the set to its close, his body and the guitar whirled into a single, unstoppable entity that fed the crowd with its relentless energy. Underkofler has a charm and a passion, albeit different from Taylor’s, that’s easy to get behind and fun to watch. Jack Collins on the guitar and Will Goodroad on drums bring a hard-edged Californian vibe to the stage; an energy that nicely compliments the heavier tones of Underkofler and Taylor.

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