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Videography Portfolio

Dare Women's Foundation (Tanzania)

Safari (Tanzania)

Documentary (Kaua'i)

Poetry Performance (Cambridge)

Podcast - "The Catalyst"

Kaua'i Organic Agroecosytem Farm


Catapult Productions

Contribution: Entire project

While living on a farm in Kaua'i I produced, filmed and edited a series of videos of Don Heacock, the owner of the farm, as a part of my work-stay agreement. All footage is my own and I was responsible for all pre-production and post-production. Don implements a completely organic, sustainable gravity-flow aquaculture system on his land in Lihu'e and is successfully combining Indigenous Hawaiian farming practices with modern agricultural innovations to pave the way for the future of farming on the island.

Cambridge Community Foundation

The Bascula Urban Circus
Promotional Material

F*ck Suburbia

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