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Videography Portfolio

Dare Women's Foundation (Tanzania)

Safari (Tanzania)

Documentary (Kaua'i)

Poetry Performance (Cambridge)

Podcast - "The Catalyst"

Kaua'i Organic Agroecosytem Farm


Catapult Productions

Contribution: Independently directed, produced and filmed the entire project. Drone footage and PBS Hawai'i interview footage not my own.

While living on a farm in Kaua'i I produced and filmed this 45-minute documentary about the state of food insecurity throughout Hawaii. With 90% of food being imported from California and Oregon, this film suggests how a return to Indigenous agricultural and land-use systems can help preserve Hawaiian culture, increase local food production and create for more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of interacting with the Earth. The end product served as my senior thesis for the Harvard Environmental Science and Public Policy undergraduate degree program.

Cambridge Community Foundation

The Bascula Urban Circus
Promotional Material

F*ck Suburbia

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